Friday, 24 June 2005 - 1:01pm |

Fake bank notes in Christchurch

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Unscrupulous persons are taking advantage of the big crowds in Christchurch to circulate fake banknotes.

A fake $20 and a fake $100 have been handed in by city bar staff this morning says O/C Fraud Squad, Detective Sergeant Virginia Le Bas.

"They are not very good," she says "but there are a lot of people in town who do not have much experience with NZ money. The notes have obviously already fooled a couple of busy bar staff."

Bar staff are warned to be vigilant and check all bank notes before accepting them.

The public should be careful to check that notes have a watermark and the strip through them before accepting change.

"While only a couple of notes have been handed in so far, there are likely to be more out there," Virginia Le Bas warns.