Friday, 29 July 2005 - 4:01pm |

Sumner homicide

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Christchurch Police were alerted at about 7pm last night of the body of a male at an address in Sumner, Christchurch.

A homicide investigation into the murder of the 56 year old man commenced, led by Detective Sergeant Corrie Parnell, based at Christchurch Central.

The 48 year old alleged offender appeared in court this morning and both victim and accused had name suppression.

The body of the deceased is still at the scene and it is not anticipated that the post mortem will take place until Saturday

Sumner residents will be spoken to as the homicide inquiry team commence area inquiries, says Detective Sergeant Corrie Parnell.

About 35 police, including specialist staff, are on the inquiry and are expected to work into the weekend. Scene guards will remain at the scene.

"We are speaking first to residents of Wakefield Ave," says Corrie Parnell. "But I'm advising the Sumner community we shall be approaching them over the next week."

Anyone with information is asked to contact the inquiry team on phone 363 7400.