Friday, 4 September 2009 - 3:51pm |
National News

The bodies of two women have been discovered under Christchurch house

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As a result of a missing person inquiry started on Sunday 30 August 2009 the bodies of two women have been discovered under a house at a Christchurch, Wainoni address.

Detective Inspector Tom Fitzgerald says that at this time they are unable to identify the two bodies and both bodies are still at the scene, under the house and are likely to be for a few days. An extensive scene examination is taking place.

One of the bodies is thought to be the 35 year old wife of the 32 year old man who appeared in court this morning charged with her murder. He had reported her missing.

Detective Inspector Fitzgerald says that while he cannot confirm the identities it would be silly not to draw a connection with Tisha Lowry who has been missing from that area for nearly a year. Her family was advised this morning.

"The families are trying to cope with the possibilities at this time," he says.

No causes of death have yet been established.

Neither the arrested man or his wife were known to police.

Detective Inspector Fiztgerald says that police are making area inquiries and would like any information about anything that happened at the address on Sunday morning.

A further press release will be made at 3pm tomorrow.