Monday, 29 August 2005 - 11:01am |

Boy racer operation

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Christchurch Police ran a weekend operation targeting boy racers and illegally modified cars.

The Highway Patrol, Booze bus and Strategic Traffic Unit staff who worked said it was very busy, despite it being described as a quiet weekend in the city generally.

Senior Sergeant John Robinson says he was `disgusted' with the over-all standard of cars on the roads and the attitude of the drivers and passengers. Over 50 pink stickers issued for gross modifications of cars suggests a problem, he says.

Courts staff impounded 6 cars on the Friday night and made a lot more contacts and follow up type activities. Robinson says it was interesting they said they noticed a big increase in people coming into the courts on the Friday to sort out fines. They felt the young people were expecting them!

Senior Sergeant Robinson says expect more of these operations.

o Over 50 vehicles were written off the road
o The Courts impounded 6 vehicles
o One speedster on Moorehouse Ave was clocked at 116k's
o One speedster on a learner's licence was clocked at 92 ks also on Moorehouse Ave
o One male who later blew drunk about 750mg, covered his car and Colombo Street in smoke.
o Several licences taken on points
o Several forbidden/ or disqualified drivers
o One 17 year old girl caught blew 1000mg on Friday and then 700mg on the Saturday! (legal limit = 150 mg/l for someone under 20.))
o One boy took his two mates to Spotlight to see their cars which had been stickered and parked up, when he was there it turned out he was forbidden and driving mom's car - so it was Impounded!!! Mum called rather angry because she did not know how she was going to get to PD in the morning!
o One boy dealt with got $1000 fines on the Friday then again on the Saturday in a different car still breaching his restricted licence, and this car had no reg or wof either. Rather expensive at $1800 in two nights!