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Stab resistant vest saves officer from more serious injuries

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Police dog Koal, injured in a knife attack this morning, is likely to be off work for the rest of the week. As he and his handler have leave planned from then as well, they both should get a good rest, says Dog Section Sergeant Alistair Simms.

"Both dog and handler need to take it easy," he says.

Koal's handler was not injured in the incident which happened in the early hours of this morning in Christchurch.

Police were called to a residential address in Coppell Place, Hoon Hay, at about 4.15 am after an intruder, armed with a knife, entered the house. He was not known to the occupants and police were called.

Inside the address the armed intruder attacked the two police officers who had responded. One officer received minor cuts to his leg and chest whilst police dog 'Koal' also received cuts to his head area.

Police are attributing the officer's stab resistant vest as saving the officer from more serious injury.

"I have no doubt we'd be looking at potentially more serious injuries if he had not been wearing the SRBA," says Senior Sergeant Rob Patterson.

The occupants of the house were not injured but are badly shaken.

A 24 year old unemployed male has been arrested and is currently in Christchurch Hospital for treatment, including surgery for a dog bite. Charges are still being considered.

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