Friday, 9 September 2005 - 2:01pm |
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Fashion thief has an eye for style

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Avondale Police are investigating a series of bold burglaries of three of Ponsonby Rd womens' fashion stores and design businesses over the past few weeks.

Three stores - La Cigale, Carly Harris and Red Head Clothing Ltd - have been hit a total of six times since the first early morning burglary of La Cigale on August 27.

Tens of thousands of dollars worth of stock - including on-off pre-season designs - have been stolen.

In all offences, the thief has used a long pole with hooks on the end to reach through jemmied and barred windows and remove the clothing, fabrics and accessories. On two occasions - August 28 at La Cigale and September 2 at Carly Harris - he left his "tools", a torch and poles with hooks attached, at the scenes.

They have been recovered by Police and are being examined for fingerprints.

The chronology of burglaries is as follows:

August 27 and 28, La Cigale, 187 Ponsonby Rd - approx 6am.
Belts and several items of mixed brand clothing stolen, including NZ brand Dual (trousers)
September 2 and 3, Carly Harris, 269 Ponsonby Rd, approx 7.15am.
Owner Christine Harris disturbed a man pulling items through the rear window of her store on Sept 2. On that and the following day mesh tops, cardigans - all Carly Harris label - stolen, along with red rose crossover dresses, sari fabric tops, saris and sari fabric. Her black leather satchel was also taken on the first day.
September 5 and 6, Red Head Clothing Ltd - approx 6am.
Red Head's entire winter 2006 sample collection - all size 8 and one-off designs - stolen.

Christine Harris described the man she disturbed stealing her stock as Caucasian, aged between 25 and 40 with a ruddy complexion and weathered face. He was about 180cm tall, thin and gaunt who ran off to Renall St when she disturbed him.

Constable Lara Wills of the Avondale Law Enforcement Team said it was devastating for the victims that a lot of their hard work and/or expensive clothing ranges had gone missing.
"Many of the items are one-offs and have distinctive labels, so it should be obvious to others in the fashion industry that they're stolen if they start showing up in unusual outlets," Ms Wills said.

Any information about the offender or the missing goods should go to Constable Lara Wills at the Avondale Police Station.

Issued by Noreen Hegarty
Auckland City Police Communications Manager
Ph 09 302 6947 or 0274-951-589