Monday, 3 April 2006 - 10:01am |
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Districts Recorded Crime Remains Constant

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A continuing focus by the North Shore / Waitakere / Rodney District, on burglary, theft and organised crime has seen another reduction, albeit slight, in reported crime in the past calendar year, the Acting District Commander of Police, said today.

Inspector Janet Hope says in the 2005 calendar year there were a total of 37,996 recorded offences, compared to 38,074, for the previous year. The District solved 47.0 per cent of these crimes.

"Although this figure is also down slightly, this is still a pleasing result for one of the largest Police Districts in the country," she said.

"The challenge for the District is to maintain sustainable crime and crash reductions by understanding and impacting upon the criminal environment, to enhance service delivery, and to have a greater responsiveness to the community’s needs".

"One of our key focus areas in 2005 was on substance abuse, (alcohol and drugs) which we know influence crime. Therefore it is pleasing to see reductions in recorded offences that are often linked to alcohol i.e. recorded violence down 2.2 per cent and recorded disorder offending down by 7.6 per cent," Inspector Hope said.

"More Police resources are currently proposed by the present Government and this District looks forward to additional staff numbers to further enhance our service delivery."

"The District has experienced reductions in recorded sexual and cannabis offences. Although there is a rise in drug usage with the increasing availability of methamphetamine, the majority of events that Police attend are alcohol related."

"The drug methamphetamine or ‘P’ is having an impact on recorded crime. Last year 26.0 per cent of all of the countries clandestine drug laboratories were located in this District. Recorded methamphetamine offences increased by 21.6 per cent. While this is increase is significant, it demonstrates that the community and the Police staff are aware of the impact that this drug is having."

"One crime group to show an increase was theft of and theft from vehicles. This is not a trend that is unique to this District, but it is causing concern. The District will be mounting operations at key times to focus on vehicle crime and offenders in the coming months. We also ask the community to play their part and ensure that their cars are locked and valuables are not left in any vehicles."

"Greater emphasis and focus will be placed in targeting to intelligence led risk, road safety, violence, burglary, vehicle crime and organised criminal activity."

"There were 32 road deaths arising from 28 fatal crashes in the calendar year 2005."

"The bulk of these fatalities took place in rural sectors of the Rodney community, with speed, alcohol and loss of control being common factors. There were three multiple fatalities within the District. One involved three deaths, and two were double fatalities."

"The District's Traffic Alcohol Group were lead agents for a number of early morning drink drive operations which consistently netted more than 100 offenders over their two night durations. There were 200 arrests in 2005, for other than drink drive offences."

"By June 2006 the North Shore Area Police will move into a new multi million dollar police centre. The 75,000 square feet complex will be the base from which Police provide a new approach to keep the community safe."

"The District is proud to be in partnership with the community on this project and there is no doubt the new North Shore Policing Centre will play a key role in the future of modern policing in the District,"

"This District’s Management Team is committed to enhancing the professionalism and integrity of Police and increasing public trust and confidence in our service delivery,"

"As Acting District Commander, I acknowledge the excellent contribution made by those agencies that work closely with the Police."

"These partner agencies provide valuable services to victims of crime, and play an integral part in support of local police. We will continue to work closely to build and enhance community networks," Inspector Hope said.