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Auckland City

Overall crime static in City District

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The number of recorded crimes in Auckland City Police District in 2005 was the same as in 2004, which in turn was nearly 12 per cent down on the 2003 figure. The district recorded just over 53,600 offences in 2005 and, to date, has resolved 36 per cent of them - nearly 1.5 per cent more than were resolved in 2004.

Acting Auckland City District Commander, Detective Superintendent Gavin Jones, said the year's result was solid and it was pleasing to note that, while recorded violence was up by 11 per cent, kidnapping and abduction offences were down by 41 per cent on 2004 figures.

"There were four per cent fewer burglaries recorded in 2005 than for the same period in 2004 - 8,920 offences compared with 9,313 - and it's pleasing to note that total dishonesty offences (which include the burglary category) were down by 4 per cent," he said.

New drugs offences were up by 39 per cent to 830 offences and Sale of Liquor Act offences were up by 47 per cent to 838. Most of the "new drugs" offences relate to possession of methamphetamine crimes which are normally proactively detected. The increase in the Sale of Liquor Act offences is a reflection of the fact that liquor bans in the city became more widespread and are in place full-time.

All car crime has remained fairly static but there was a significant increase in thefts from cars - up by 18 per cent to 9,589 offences. Mr Jones said this was a concern for Police and the wider community as thefts from cars is a preventable crime.

"It's disconcerting that many people continue to leave valuables in their cars in view of opportunist thieves. We've identified that a large proportion of this happens in our western area so, along with Safer Auckland City, set up a Parksafe project in Bamoral and Mt Eden late last year.

"This project - which is being managed by the Community Constable - is designed to reduce the numbers of thefts from cars and will be evaluated before the end of the financial year."

There were 11 homicides in the district in 2005, of which nine had been resolved.


Issued by Noreen Hegarty

Auckland City Police Communications Manager

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