Thursday, 13 July 2006 - 5:45pm |

Gutsy woman fights off attacker

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A distinctive black fabric scarf or bandana with white pirate crossbones on it could hold the key to identifying a man who abducted a young woman in the Wellington suburb of Mt Cook early this morning.

Detective Sergeant Dave Thornton, Wellington CIB, said the 22-year-old student was grabbed from behind, dragged into a property and nearly strangled.

"She put up a really gutsy fight, hitting out at the attacker with a set of house keys she had been carrying in her hand," Detective Sergeant Thornton said. "The offender fled, leaving the scarf behind him."

Detective Sergeant Thornton said the abduction happened about 2.30am at the southern end of Wallace Street, not far from the John Street intersection.

He said the victim had been at The Big Kumara in Cuba Street and left there to go home, walking along Torrens Terrace and onto Wallace Street. She sensed a man rushing up to her and before she could react, was grabbed from behind, had an object stuffed in her mouth, the scarf or bandanna pulled round her neck and was then dragged onto the section of a nearby house.

"This young woman has really struggled. She's grabbed hold of the scarf to try and ease the pressure on her neck and has used her keys to try to hit back at the attacker, more than likely leaving scratch marks on his face.

"As a result of the struggle, he's fled but we don't know where."

Detective Sergeant Thornton said the young woman has numerous bruises and cuts to her neck and also injuries to her nose. She was treated at hospital and discharged.

"This was a callous and cowardly attack. We really want the offender caught," Detective Sergeant Thornton said.

The only description is a male about 160cm tall who used to have a black scarf with the white crossbones on it. The man may now have scratch marks on his face.

Any information to Wellington CIB on 04 381 2000.