Monday, 28 August 2006 - 9:28am |
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Officer appeals to media to be cautious

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The officer in charge of the investigation into Liam Ashley's death on Friday morning has appealed to the media - as the messengers to the general public - to think very carefully about what is published and broadcast, in terms of speculation and conjecture about who is responsible for Liam's death.

Detective Senior Sergeant Greg Cramer held a media briefing this afternoon where he said he was "somewhat concerned" by what he'd read in today's papers.

"I have read the papers and I am somewhat concerned that some of what I have seen in print may have a negative impact on any future Court proceedings to do with this homicide," Mr Cramer said.

"I have spent the best part of the morning with Liam's family who are still coming to terms with his death and I have given them - as I am giving you now - an assurance that there will be a resolution to this investigation.

"That resolution will come at an appropriate time, once we have evaluated all the information available to us."

He said that Police launched a homicide investigation on Thursday evening, several hours before Liam was pronounced dead on Friday morning.

"We know that Liam was assaulted whilst in the care of Corrections Department contractors, Chubb. That assault resulted in Liam's death.

"It is the Police's responsibility to investigate and determine what the facts around his death are. Given that there were two others in the van compartment with Liam at the time he was assaulted, public and media could assume that there would be a swift resolution to this investigation.

"I and my team have to collect evidence and, in the eventuality of an arrest, put a robust and watertight case to the Court.

"Whoever goes on trial in connection with Liam's death must be afforded a fair trial. While I acknowledge that this homicide is a matter of huge public interest, it's important that the justice process is permitted to proceed appropriately."


Issued by Noreen Hegarty

Auckland City Police Communications Manager

Ph 09 302 6947 or 0274-951-589