Wednesday, 1 December 2010 - 10:28am |
National News

Work continues to install GAG at mine portal

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Work has continued all night to seal the entrance to the Pike River coal mine. The work has taken longer than expected and has been hampered by air movement in and out of the mine and overnight fog.

About 9am today shotcreting was completed. This will seal the opening to the mine around the GAG outlet.

There is further work to be done to prepare a pad for the GAG machine to sit on. This is expected to take a further four hours.

The GAG has been successfully tested and it is hoped to be running today, however the mine condition is continually changing.

Police yesterday brought in international mine safety expert Associate Professor David Cliff from Queensland. He is currently at the site meeting with mines, rescue and emergency services personnel.

Dr Cliff has particular expertise in emergency preparedness, gas analysis, spontaneous combustion, fires and explosions.

He has been in contact with this operation throughout the process and will continue to provide expert advice around extinguishing the fire and planning the recovery phase.

Traffic management and operational planning is continuing tomorrow's remembrance service. Extra Police staff from throughout the country will be in Greymouth for the day.


Media please note: When the GAG is running we will notify you via the police website.
Any media briefings with Dr Cliff or Police will also be advised via the website.