Friday, 3 December 2010 - 12:05pm |
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Media Briefing 4.15pm today - Dr David Cliff and Gary Knowles

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Police will host a briefing for news media at 4.15pm today with Dr David Cliff and Superintendent Gary Knowles .

Dr Cliff, Associate Professor at the Minerals Industry Safety and Health Centre at The University of Queensland, is advising on the current operation at the Pike River mine.

Dr Cliff was previously the Safety and Health Advisor to the Queensland Mining Council, and prior to that Manager of Mining Research at the Safety in Mines Testing and Research Station.

He has provided expert assistance in the areas of health and safety to the mining industry for over nineteen years. He has particular expertise in emergency preparedness, gas analysis, spontaneous combustion, fires and explosions.


• Dr David Cliff / Superintendent Gary Knowles
• Friday 03 December
• 4.15pm
• Greymouth Police Station (in Police bar, upstairs)


For more information contact the Police media liaison team: 027 501 5742