Monday, 2 October 2006 - 11:41am |
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Rodney Police Release Fiscal Year 2005/2006 Crime Statistics

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The Acting Police Commander for Rodney says the 2005/2006 financial year has been challenging in terms of both population growth, and an increase in recorded crime.

Figures for the Rodney Area released today reveal that in the 2005/2006 financial year ending 30 June 2006, there were a total of 6,760 recorded offences, compared to 5718 for the previous year.

Inspector Paul Marshall said, "There have been increases across all crime types with the exception of sexual offending. The 2004/05 fiscal year saw a significant reduction in recorded crime from the previous year, and it is disappointing that we could not build on that previous year's reductions."

"Rodney Area has recorded an increase of 22.6% in drug offending. The majority of this offending is cannabis related, however methamphetamine offending has also increased significantly. [There were 55 offences in 2005/06 compared to 33 in the previous year.] Methamphetamine has an impact on the community and the Police will continue to address the manufacture, supply, possession and use of it," said Inspector Marshall.

'The increases in wilful damage offences are associated to graffiti [tagging] in the Hibiscus Coast area. Rodney Youth Aid staff are focusing on youth offenders who are mainly responsible and have been encouraging reporting of this type of offending.'

"Robbery offences are down by 24% and sexual attacks down by 38% from previous fiscal year. We are pleased to see this reduction which equates to less victims of serious crime and this is an encouraging result," Inspector Marshall said.

'Burglary offending is still over represented in the rural areas where homes and buildings are less secured in urban areas. It is a timely reminder for all property owners to check their security arrangements to ensure their property is not an easy or attractive target through poor security practices.'

'The incidence of group assemblies reported to Police has halved in the last fiscal year. We encourage members of the public to call Police when young people start to gather. Police can attend such assemblies and ensure they do not develop into more serious incidents.'

'Rodney Police is actively targeting both high profile locations and high profile offenders. We are using intelligence to deploy staff to risk areas. We are raising the police profile as much as possible and also raising the expectation that if you offend in Rodney there is a high possibility that you will be apprehended.'

'A total of 47.62% of all the offences recorded by the Rodney Police were resolved in the 2005/2006 financial year. The national average is presently 44.20%. In real terms this means that in spite of a rise in recorded crime and population, there has been an increase of 505 apprehensions, which is a very pleasing result.'

'Rodney Police has renewed their Memorandum of Understanding with the Rodney District Council, and we will continue to work cohesively with them on safer community issues, road safety, and crime prevention through environmental design.'

'Over the fiscal year there were 25 deaths on Rodney's roads. These are 25 reasons why road policing will remain a priority for Police. The driving public can expect to see a high police presence and they can expect to be stopped when driving on Rodney's highways and rural roads.'

"Rodney continues to grow rapidly and the mobility of criminals within the greater Auckland region is a challenge for Police and the community but one we readily accept and are happy to take on," Inspector Marshall said.