Wednesday, 16 March 2011 - 6:59pm |
National News

11 names released following Christchurch earthquake

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Police have this evening confirmed the identities of a further 11 people who died in the Christchurch earthquake.

They are:

Emmabelle Cabahug ANOBA, 26 (female), of the Philippines
Heidi Julie BERG, 36 (female), of Christchurch
Yuki HASUMOTO, 22 (female), of Japan
Tomoki ISHIKURO, 19 (male), of Japan
Saori KIKUDA, 19 (female), of Japan
De LI, 18 (male), of China
Wanju LI, 44 (female), of China
Emi MURAKAMI, 19 (female), of Japan
Saya SAKUDA, 19 (female), of Japan
Yurika UCHIHIRA, 19 (female), of Japan
Saki YOKOTA, 19 (female), of Japan

This brings the total number of names released to 140.