Tuesday, 28 November 2006 - 3:33pm |
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Slight Increase In Drink Driving

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A weekend anti drink-drive campaign by North Shore Police and the specialist Traffic Alcohol Group saw 43 people detected driving with excess breath alcohol. Sixteen people elected to have blood tests taken, which will determine whether or not they too will face court proceedings.

Operation 'Jar 2' was a follow-up to Operation 'Jar', which was run in September. Both operations are part of a concerted campaign to target drunk drivers and as a result checkpoints were set up in various strategic positions throughout the North Shore area.

The operation commenced on Friday night 24 November at 8 pm and concluded at 4 am hours on Sunday 26 November. A total of 8,983 vehicles were stopped. Eight drivers who tested positive for excess breath alcohol were teenagers aged less than 20 years.

The continuing trend of young women being processed for drink-driving is of concern to Police. Several drivers returned a breath test reading, double the legal requirement of 400 micrograms per litre of breath.

There were nine cars impounded and 22 driver licences were suspended. Five people were also arrested for breach of bail, warrants to arrest, and disqualified driving.

North Shore Police are disappointed with the high number of drivers processed for drink driving. The number of drinking drivers being detected has increased compared with the operation results from September; this goes against the recent trend.

It is perplexing considering the nationwide advertising campaigns that are run, the ready availability of public transport and taxis as well as the high likelihood of being involved in a crash if you drink and drive.

North Shore Police will continue to run operations targeting drink drivers. If you drink and drive there is a good chance you will be caught. It's not worth the risk.


Issued by:

Senior Sergeant Chris Powell

Tactical Coordinator


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