Thursday, 19 May 2011 - 3:45pm |
National News

Ngaruawahia community throw weight behind team investigating baby's death

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Waikato Police investigating the suspicious death of a sixth-month-old Ngaruawahia baby are being assisted in their appeals for information by members of the community as they await the results of forensic tests.

The officer in charge of the investigation, Detective Senior Sergeant Mark Greene, said Serenity Jay Scott-Dinningham died in Auckland's Starship Hospital last month after her life support was turned off.

"The injuries she received were not accidental and we are still awaiting the results of forensic tests carried out during her post-mortem to give a better picture of what has occurred.

"As our enquiries continue we are talking to people who've come forward to share information with us which has been heartening."

Mr Greene said in an effort to get more information an initiative between members of the community, the Police and NZ Post was launched today.

"Today via NZ Post Police distributed CrimeStoppers pamphlets to every house and business in Ngaruawahia while local residents distributed CrimeStoppers posters to businesses and community groups, support that we're very grateful for.

"While as an investigator I would always prefer to speak to someone face to face to develop what information a person may have sometimes the people we need to speak to the most are not in a position to speak to Police which is where the anonymity of CrimeStoppers is great, we want to know what you know, not who you are."

Mr Greene said the support of NZ Post and local residents showed the sense of community spirit was alive and well in Ngaruawahia and he encouraged people to take advantage of the anonymity of the CrimeStoppers number; 0800 555111.

"The important thing is, no matter if you contact the Ngaruawahia Police Station directly or via CrimeStoppers, that what ever information you may have on how Serenity suffered her injuries is passed on to the investigation team, we as a community owe the young girl that."