Thursday, 19 May 2011 - 3:56pm |

Arrests follow motorway speed operation

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Canterbury police have today arrested two men after an operation targeting speeding motorists on Christchurch's northern motorway.

Acting on complaints of regular speeding on the motorway, at 6.20 this morning (Thursday 19 May) police apprehended two drivers who were racing each other at speeds of up to 170 kmph in the early morning traffic.

Two males, aged 55 and 22, had their cars and driver's licences seized for 28 days and will appear in court of charges of illegal street racing.

The 55 year-old driver also had two passengers in the vehicle with him.

Acting Senior Sergeant John Hamilton of the Canterbury Highway Patrol says the incident was extremely disappointing. "It's unacceptable that drivers like these two are prepared to put so many innocent lives at risk," he says.

"When something goes wrong at these extreme speeds on public roads, we end up with a high body count that can ruin many lives.

"These two drivers don't seem to have any concept of the probably consequences of their actions."