Friday, 9 February 2007 - 4:21pm |
National News

Missing kayaker

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Kaikoura Police are seeking information as to how a kayak with personal belongings and fishing gear came to be washed up or left at South Bay, Kaikoura overnight.

Sergeant Ramon Smith says that they have just completed a shoreline search by air from Oaro to Clarence Pt but have seen no sign of anything of interest.

Kaikoura Police have a mystery on their beach. The inflatable kayak was discovered empty at South Bay this morning with personal and fishing gear, and remnants of food, but no person or paddles.

Sergeant Ramon SMITH, OC Kaikoura says that the one person, blue Challenger K2 was discovered by a recreational fisherman this morning but has probably been in the bay over night.

He doesn't know if it has been abandoned, blown off a beach somewhere or had a kayaker in it recently.

"With the nor' nor' east winds we've had the last 48 hours it could have been blown down from Wellington," he says. "The diving gear on board would fit an adult but nothing to indicate if it was male or female."

The food remnants include an empty potato chip packet, a 2/3 empty soft drink, and a full bottle of water. There's even a dead star fish in plastic bag.

Kaikoura police are checking with tourist organisations before re assessing later today what further action they can take.

If anyone has recently lost such a kayak or has any information that could assist please contact Kaikoura (not a 24 hour station) or your local police immediately.

Sergeant Ramon SMITH 03 319 5038