Tuesday, 20 February 2007 - 1:53pm |

Excessive Speeding

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Two motorists were caught travelling at excessive speed on Monday morning 19 February,by the Canterbury Highway Patrol.

Inspector Derek Erasmus says a 66 year old male and a 20 year old male both have had their licenses suspended for 28 days and face further charges after being caught speeding this morning.

At 9 am the 66 year old male on a full license, was clocked at 156 km/hour on the motorway north of Christchurch just south of Woodend. He is being charged with excessive speed.

A 20 year old male on a learner's license was caught driving at 180 km/hour at 11 am inthe same area. He showed the Highway Patrol officer tickets received for previously breaching his learner license. He has been charged with dangerous driving.

Neither had any excuse says Inspector Erasmus.