Tuesday, 6 March 2007 - 12:27pm |
National News

Posters offensive

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The posters that have appeared in Wellington posing as Police recruiting advertising are offensive to those victims of rape and sexual abuse and to members of Police said Superintendent Grant O'Fee.

The Superintendent, who is District Commander for Tasman, was speaking on behalf of his Police Executive colleagues.

We have been heartened by the many expressions of support received from members of the public, who have wanted to acknowledge the contribution made by Police to communities around the country.

These are difficult days for NZ police but the vast majority of police officers are still working, as they always have, often under tremendous pressure, for the good of all New Zealanders.

For individual Police officers, the current climate does nothing to make this any easier.

"Regardless of what views some people may have about recent events, the continual parodying will take its toll on our frontline staff who every day and night are serving the community.

"Police are appealing to the wider New Zealand public to support their officers throughout the country during these difficult days for all of us," said Mr O'Fee.


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