Thursday, 8 March 2007 - 4:27pm |

Found items traced back to owner

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Papanui Police put out a story in early February 2007 trying to trace a Mr Devonshire who had been living in Christchurch re some found property. Papanui Police are delighted to be able to say he has been traced in another part of New Zealand and the property is in the mail to him this week.

Senior Constable Graham Morgan at Papanui Station says that when the found property is personal and in many cases with obvious old family connections, he is reluctant to give in finding an owner until considerable time has passed and all avenues exhausted.

"Family items are often of no value, certainly not to a stranger but are usually of immense personal and sentimental value to those who have lost them," he says.

Senior Constable Morgan had been trying to trace this man since June 2006 with numerous inquires with different organisations in an attempt to locate him.

Apparently the bag had been lost or stolen during a move north and the owner had given up hope of seeing them again.

Several items handed in to Christchurch Central recently have been identified and owners contacted. In one case a photograph was recognized by a member of Police staff, the owner identified, and items returned.

Police advise people to register important property as lost as it sometimes is some weeks or months before finders hand it in. They also get great satisfaction when they can reunite it with its owner.