Friday, 30 March 2007 - 1:46pm |

Fewer boy racers brave forth week of Lower Hutt Police crackdown

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For the forth week in a row Lower Hutt Police were out last night targeting boy racers who converge on the city on a Thursday.

Last night police saw a huge reduction in the number of boy racers who showed up compared with four weeks ago, says Area Commander Inspector Bruce Dunstan.

"Only half the number of boy racers who were there a week ago bothered to show up. There wouldn't have been more than 150 all up." This compares with up to 500 boy racers converging on the city a month ago.

"Most were gone by 10.30pm and almost all had gone an hour later."

The number of offences detected was also down which is pleasing, says Inspector Dunstan.

"The message is out among boy racers that police are serious about responsible driving and safe vehicles.

"We're alert to the fact that they are probably looking for somewhere else to gather. However, we'll keep the pressure on because huge numbers coming together is disruptive to other members of the community and it's not safe."

Last night 116 vehicles were stopped. The highest speed police detected was a vehicle traveling at 72km/h in a 50km/h area.

What the Police found:  • 116 vehicles stopped

  • 56 infringement offences detected, comprising:

- speed: 12

- licence breaches: 18

- offences that could lead to crashes (eg bald tyres): 25

- sustained loss of traction (resulting in the vehicle being impounded): 1

  • vehicles ordered off the road due to serious faults: 2

  • arrest (for breach of bail conditions): 1

  • highest recorded speed: 72km/h in a 50km/h zone

For more information contact Inspector Bruce Dunstan, Tel: 04 560 2600.