Monday, 11 June 2007 - 11:41am |
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ACC and Police target a doubling in motorcycle accidents

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Since 2001 the number of ACC claims for motorcycle accidents has nearly doubled, and annual ACC claim costs now exceed $52 million (not including treatment in public hospitals).

"Riding a motorcycle is risky. Motorcyclists make up only two per cent of vehicles on the road but account for 18 per cent of road claims received by ACC," says Phil Wright, ACC Programme Manager.

"41 per cent of injury motorcycle crashes occur in situations where other motorists don't see the motorcycle and, in three quarters of cases, the motorcyclist was not at fault," says Inspector Heather Wells, Auckland City Road Policing Manager.

"The problem seems to be worse at intersections and on major roads. For example, in Auckland, five roads accounted for the majority of motorcycle accidents."

"Our campaign urges other motorists, when making manoeuvres or when at intersections, to take a little more time and look again for bikes," Mr Wright added.

"Of course, motorcyclists can help keep themselves safer by wearing high visibility vests and keeping the motorcycle headlight on during the day."

The campaign includes bus side advertisements, adshells in bus shelters and radio messages.


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