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Op Phil release 3 Sept

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3 September 2007

Detectives investigating the alleged serial rapist in Hamilton, code named Operation PHIL, have established further offending attributable to the rapist.

Police will not say how the offending is linked, but a burglary reported in August 2006 is linked to this offender. (Refer Photos)

The burglary was committed on a holiday property on the Thames Coast Road, north of Thames. What is significant for Police is that the property taken in the burglary is of sufficient quantity to suggest that other people are either involved or aware of the burglary.

To this end, Police are appealing to the public, in particular those who may know where this property went to after the burglary, or who may have in fact received this property from the offender, to make contact with the investigation team.

The list of property includes property that suggests setting up house or providing materials for persons to live, as opposed to making a financial gain. Particularly referring to items such as Barbie Sleeping Bag, Children's books (Chronicles of Narnia), Children's walkie talkines, and then items such as Kitchen utensils, appliances, linen and camp stretchers.

Of particular note are two fishing rods and reels taken, and the camp stretchers which are distinctive. (Photographs)