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Recruits go to great lengths to join Police

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Thirty-nine new police officers will graduate from The Royal New Zealand Police College today.

The graduating constables list integrity, patience, humour, common sense and a high level of commitment to their communities as essential attributes for police officers. The call to join the Police is so strong for some that they will go to great lengths to achieve their goal.

Constable Steve Albrey who will be posted to Auckland Central underwent a rigorous programme of physical training and transformed his life to lose 50kg and be fit enough to make it through the recruitment process. Steve says the challenge, variety and the opportunity to work alongside many different people is what attracted him to policing and he is looking forward to returning to Auckland to start his new job.

The recruits are keenly aware that the public have high expectations of them both on and off duty. Constable Rick Lawrie, who has returned to policing after a 13-year break, knows this perhaps better than his classmates. Rick says there have been many changes to training since he first joined NZ Police in 1984 and this time around feels he is better prepared by a course that encompasses constant assessment of every aspect of policing. He says policing was the best job he ever had and while at 49 he is the oldest in the wing, spending time as a recruit again has been invaluable in forming the strong bonds and friendships he may come to rely on in his police career. Constable Lawrie has been placed second in the wing and has been chosen by his section as the person who made the most valuable contribution to the success of the team. He is posted to Wellington.

The graduation will take place at The Royal New Zealand Police College on Thursday 8 November at 2:00pm and will be attended by Deputy Commissioner Provost.

  • 39 recruits will graduate - 32 males and 7 females  • The average age of wing members is 29 (the youngest is 20 and the oldest is 49)

To find out more about joining the Police phone 0800 NEW COPS (639 2677) or visit


District postings:

Northland - Whangarei (3), Kawakawa (1)

Waitemata -Henderson (2), North Shore Policing Centre (2)

Auckland City - Auckland Central (2), Mt Wellington (3)

Counties Manukau - Manurewa (2)

Waikato - Hamilton (2), Huntly (1)

Bay of Plenty -Taupo (1), Rotorua (1)

Eastern - Hawkes Bay (6)

Wellington - Upper Hutt (1), Lower Hutt (1), Wellington (2)

Canterbury - Ashburton (1), Christchurch (1), Timaru (1)

Southern - Dunedin (5), Invercargill (1)


Wing 244 prize winners:

The Minister's Prize for First in Wing will be awarded to Constable Darren COOPER posted to Hastings. Const Cooper will also be awarded the International Police Association Academic Prize for overall academic achievement and the Driver Training award.

The Commissioner's Prize for Second in Wing will be awarded to Constable Richard LAWRIE posted to WELLINGTON.

The Patron's Prize for Third in Wing will be awarded to Constable James MURRAY posted to Dunedin. Constable Murray will also be awarded the Holden Tactical Skills and Safety Prize for the overall winner in Defensive Tactics, Firearms and Driving and the Physical Training and Defensive Tactics Prize.

The Ericsson Practical Prize for the overall winner for Practical Assessments, File Preparation and Fingerprinting will be awarded to Constable Elizabeth McMULLEN posted to Whangarei.

The Meltzer Prize for Weapon Training will be awarded to Constable Timothy LEEPER, posted to Wellington.


Police Association prizes for section achievement:

This prize is awarded to an individual from each section who, in the collective view of the members of the section and the wing instructors, made the greatest contribution to the overall success of the team.

Section One Constable Richard LAWRIE posted to Wellington

Section Two Constable Joseph RUSH posted to Timaru


Wing 244 Patron: Moana Jackson

Wing 244 recruits had Moana Jackson, Director of Te Hau Tikanga, the Maori Law Commission, as their patron.

Due to Moana's recent involvement representing the community at Ruatoki, he has this week decided to resign from his patronage of the wing. The wing however will continue to have his name associated with it, which acknowledges the significant contribution he has made throughout the wing's training.

Moana explained to the wing earlier this week that current circumstances have put him in an awkward position with his role as a wing patron.

Moana has followed the wing's progress with interest and been very involved with and supportive of the recruits. The wing appreciated Moana personally explaining his resignation to them.

Moana was chosen for the qualities he would bring to the role of patron, which he confirmed during his patronage, and New Zealand Police's position on his selection as a patron has not changed.


For more information or to attend the graduation please contact:

Katrina Graham, Acting Communications Adviser - 04 238 3572 or 0274 419 216