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Police investigate second schoolyard assault in Waikato

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06 December 2007

Police are investigating an assault by one student on another and two teachers following an incident at Cambridge Middle School on Tuesday.

Sergeant Gordon Grantham confirmed a complaint had been laid with Cambridge Police who are investigating the incident.

"The school are also conducting a separate enquiry into the incident," he said.

The incident began during the lunch break on Tuesday when a student approached a teacher in the playground stating she did not feel safe due to threats from other students.

While speaking to the teacher another girl approached and began swearing at the girl with the teacher.

This deteriorated into the victim being slapped across the face and kicked twice in the knee.

Two teachers have then attempted to pull the offending pupil from her victim however the attacker continued to pull the victim's hair and resist being restrained by the teachers.

The two teachers have then both been slapped across the face and one of them was punched in the stomach.

As a result of the attack one of the teachers also had her spectacles broken and both suffered minor injuries.

Mr Grantham described the behaviour of the offending student as totally unacceptable in any environment let alone a school and commended the teachers for attempting to restrain the attacker.

"We will be speaking to the offending student later in the week," he said.

Note for media. Middle Schools cater for students aged 12-15, forms 1-4 under the old system.