Friday, 22 February 2008 - 3:46pm |
National News

Gang initiation email a hoax.

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An email warning drivers not to flash their headlights at oncoming cars as they could become a victim of gang initiation, is a hoax say police.

The email headed: "Don't flash headlights at any car with no lights on" states police officers working with the DARE (Drugs, Alcohol, xxx Education) programme have issued the warning.

"This email is a typical urban myth which has gained momentum," says acting National Crime Manager, Detective Superintendent Malcolm Burgess.

An initial email began circulating about two weeks telling drivers that if they flashed their lights they would become the target of the gang initiation which involved shooting and killing everyone in the car.

"The email warning has morphed in the last few days to take on a New Zealand context and names local Auckland gangs who will apparently be conducting these rites this weekend, " said Mr Burgess.

"The email even states now that police are reluctant to release the information for fear that the gangs will change their tactics and dates. This is complete rubbish"

Mr Burgess said the email appeared to have originated in America. He said anyone receiving the e-mail should delete it as it is a hoax