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City safety Hamilton 400

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14 April 2008

A family friendly environment is how Police want visitors to remember Hamilton on the eve of thousands of race fans descending on the city for the Hamilton 400.

Hamilton City Area Commander, Inspector Rob Lindsay, said Police had four key messages that if followed should ensure an enjoyable time for all.

"Basically we want our city to be seen as a place you can take your family, day or night with the expectation of having a good, safe family friendly time.

"To ensure this visitors need to be aware a central city liquor ban exists and will be enforced so we ask people to limit their alcohol consumption on streets to the designated entertainment zone."

That zone is a fenced off block running from Collingwood St south along Victoria St to Hood St, west down to Alexandra St and North back to Collingwood St.

Mr Lindsay said Police had worked hard with licensees to ensure entertainment was a major focus at venues as opposed to the weekend deteriorating to a large binge drinking event.

"We want people to enjoy the events but should warn Police will be taking a hard line on any aggressive or disorderly behaviour, we want people to get into it- not out of it," he said.

While thousands of visitors to the city means busy cash registers it could also attract opportunistic and predator offenders and Police advised caution.

"We want to ensure people lock their cars and if they can't secure their valuables elsewhere keep them out of sight, basically its lock it or lose it.

"Before you head out drinking make arrangements for how you'll get home, especially women, don't get intoxicated and head home on your own, watch out for each other and keep an eye on your drinks."