Wednesday, 23 April 2008 - 3:05pm |
National News

Marie Davis Inquiry

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"Three weeks ago Marie Davis was a 15 year old school girl looking forward to her school holidays," says Detective Senior Sergeant Virginia Le Bas. "A person in our community is responsible for taking Marie's future and life from her."

Marie was last seen by her friends on Saturday 5 April. On Thursday 17 April Marie's body was located in the Waimakariri River.

The Investigation team is working together with the public and forensic experts to identify the person or persons responsible for this, she says.

"Someone out there will know or have information about this person and we appeal for them to come forward."

There have been 61 calls over night with members of the public providing information to the inquiry into the death of Marie Davis. All together about 150 have come in during today.

O/C DSS Virginia Le Bas says that Marie Davis's phone has still not been located.

"We have had some similar phones handed in but they are not hers," she says.

The Investigation team has been invited by the family to attend Marie's funeral and a group shall be attending.

Wednesday 23 April Press conference, 3.30pm, Christchurch Central

Thursday 24 April No Press conference tomorrow (given it is the funeral)

Friday 25 April No Press Conference - but a release will be made as to any update.

Saturday 26 April Conference at 3pm, Christchurch Central.

Sunday 27 April Conference at 3pm, Christchurch Central.