Thursday, 24 April 2008 - 1:19pm |
National News

Marie Davis Inquiry

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Members of the Inquiry team in the death of Marie Davis have attended the funeral of Marie this afternoon.

DSS Virginia Le Bas says that the team will spend the next days continuing to check information provided by the public. Sometimes it must be double checked to ensure all potential witnesses are spoken to.

"Several people have mentioned a man fishing on the river bank," says Virginia Le Bas. "This man aged 60-70 years old, had a dog with him and sat in a deck chair on Sunday 6 April, on the north bank, west of the Main North Road. As far as we are aware this person has not contacted us and we'd like to speak to him as a potential witness."

Cross referencing and following up information will continue until the team has built up as complete a picture as possible, says Le Bas.

Thursday 24 April no media conference

Friday 25 April no media conference