Thursday, 3 July 2008 - 2:28pm |

Truckers protest may cause delays in Christchurch

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Police expect delays as truckers approach Christchurch tomorrow morning in protest over increased road user charges however believe that truckers will behave responsibly and comply with the law.

Truckers will approach the city from two areas and traffic in these areas is expected to be heavy.

  • Kaiapoi via the Motor Way, Papanui Road into town   • Sockburn via Blenheim Road into town.

It is expected that there will be significant delays along these routes and feeder routes between 7.30 and 9am says Inspector Derek Erasmus.

"We have the assurances of the Road Transport Forum that all truckies will be following rules, they will comply with traffic signs and road rules," he says. "I applaud them for this."

Motorists should take the obvious precautions of allowing extra time, avoiding the main two routes where possible and to be patient.

In town motorists should expect extra trucks on the road. It is believed they will mostly circle the city center and leave via Victoria Street.

Inspector Erasmus says he is unsure how many will be involved but is expecting up to 200 extra trucks on Christchurch roads.

"Obviously depending on their size there will be delays at intersections in Christchurch. Convoys will become broken as they progress through intersections."

"We expect drivers will behave responsibly and comply with law," says Inspector Erasmus. "The main issue will be congestion."