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UK tourist killed near Te Anga

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09 August 2008

Waikato Police are working with Interpol to formally identify an overseas tourist killed in a quad-bike crash near Te Anga earlier today and to notify her family of the tragedy.

The 24-year-old UK woman had been visiting the Waitomo Caves and was part of a group that went on a quad-bike tour about 10am.

The woman appears to have died after losing control of her bike and crashing down a bank about 2km from Te Anga Rd in steep terrain.

Occupational Safety and Health investigators are expected at the scene this afternoon.

Police understand the woman was travelling in New Zealand alone and was expected to be touring the country until 28 November.

Working with Interpol NZ Police are attempting to make contact with the woman's family in the United Kingdom.

For media following the case; those attending the scene are not in cell phone coverage. An update will be provided when formal notification and identification procedures have been completed.

The woman's name is not expected to be released until tomorrow.