Tuesday, 30 September 2008 - 8:55am |
National News

Burglary operation shows results

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A team of police from all over Christchurch has been targeting burglars and their haunts. General duties, CIB and traffic have combined resources with intelligence specialists and experienced burglary investigators to push hard against burglary which hits ordinary citizens.

In the last month operation Cross Over has netted 50 offenders for 75 offences, mainly property offences of burglary and receiving, says acting Senior Sergeant Phil Dean. The majority of the offenders are male, aged 18- 25 years old.

"We've been joining forces across the city," says Phil Dean. "Pooling our knowledge we've targeted known offenders and the vulnerable areas."

One 28 year old woman caught leaving a Fendalton property damaged two vehicles in her efforts to leave. She is now in custody.

"She was associated with a well known burglary ring and now she is arrested the way is open to investigative opportunities to look at her associates," says Senior Sergeant Dean.

The police team has mostly recently been operating in the northern suburbs of Christchurch, because that was where intelligence showed most recent burglaries were occurring. The common items targeted by burglars are lap tops, ipods, and plasma and LCD tv.

"The results show a clear message," says Dean. "If you choose to commit burglaries we know who you are and we'll find you."