Thursday, 2 October 2008 - 11:35am |
National News

Search for Tisha Lowry

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The search for missing Christchurch woman Tisha Lowry continues today with area inquiries in the part of Hampshire Street where she lived and was last seen.

Police will be conducted a scene examination this afternoon at the house in Hampshire Street where Tisha lived with her grandfather.

'This is just part of regular policing practise," says DSS Virginia Le Bas. "This is was where we believe she was heading back to when she left her grandfather last Thursday so it is an obvious place to look for any information."

Other officers are talking with family and friends and following up information from the public. So far there has only been a limited response from the public says DSS Le Bas.

"We would like as much information as we can get, especially any sightings of Tisha. As time goes on we become increasingly concerned for her safety."