Thursday, 13 November 2008 - 11:00am |

Unprovoked, cowardly attacks

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Last Friday night 7 November, there were two unprovoked, cowardly attacks on several young men and Christchurch Police believe someone will be able to identify the offenders.

About 10.15pm last Friday, on Blighs Road near Windermere Road, a group of four 16 and 17 year old males were approached by two males who demanded their wallets. When the group said they had nothing to hand over, one was attacked on his head with a claw hammer. He required hospital treatment.

The offenders then ran down Tillman Avenue, through Waimairi School. As they ran over the bridge that crosses the railway line they met another group of four young men of a similar age who they threatened with claw hammers but not attacked. The offenders took their wallets and ran off down Hartley Ave towards Northcote Road.

Snr Constable Keith Olds says that these were both cowardly and unprovoked attacks.

Offender descriptions:

Male, probably Maori, 17- 20 years old, 182 cm, (6') tall, slim build, with straightish, straggly, shoulder length hair. He is said to be unshaven with 'bum fluff' on his face. He was wearing a black T shirt with a heavy metal band on it, under a blue checked 'farm' type shirt.

Male, Caucasian, 17- 19 years old. 177 cm tall(5'10"), average build with straight black/brown hair under a beanie.

He was wearing a red short sleeved T shirt with a band name on it. His hammer had pink around the metal towards the head.

Senior Constable Olds says that any information will be treated as confidential. He can be contacted on phone 374 1715.