Thursday, 28 March 2002 - 9:36am |
National News

Driving is not a holiday

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Police want to remind drivers this Easter that the holiday starts when they arrive safely at their destination and not before said Police Traffic Safety officer Inspector John Kelly.

"Driving is not a holiday," said Inspector Kelly.

"We want everyone to make this a happy Easter and remind them that their holiday starts when they get there, and it ends when they leave to drive home.

"You can’t be in holiday mode when driving. You’ve got to be in survival mode."

Inspector Kelly said drivers should plan their trip, allow plenty of time for the journey and take breaks.

"New Zealand is a beautiful country so take a break somewhere you have not stopped before. Take a ten minute break every two hours."

Other tips for a safer and pleasant trip:

 Switch off the cellphone – this can be a distraction and may cause an accident
 Watch speeds and following distances
 For the slower driver – regularly check the rear-view mirror and pull over to allow faster traffic to pass - especially those with boats and caravans (because they're longer and harder to pass).

"Courtesy on the road will not only help avoid accidents it will make the trip more enjoyable and reduce the incidents of drivers becoming irritated and making stupid mistakes such as overtaking in the wrong place," said Inspector Kelly.

"We want everyone travelling this Easter to arrive safely, enjoy their holiday and remember "driving is not a holiday".