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Op Dallington release #11

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Saturday 27 December 2008 (Day 9)

The homicide team has continued to work through both Christmas Day and Boxing, albeit with reduced numbers. We now have a full team back working on the case.

We now have a confirmed sighting of Mellory standing on the corner of Peterborough and Manchester St at about 10.33 pm. Mellory smiled at the two witnesses as they walked by. They also saw that Mellory had her black cardigan hanging in the tree next to them. One of these witnesses returned back through this intersection at between 10.43 and 10.45 pm and Mellory was gone.

We have now had a witness come forward who was in the area at about the same time and confirms seeing Mellory arrive back in a vehicle at about 10.15 pm which we have identified. This witness tells us that they have seen a Falcon motor vehicle drive down Manchester Street and turn left into Peterborough Street and stop just around the corner. The witness describes it as being like an XR6 or XR 8 model. The witness recalls that the vehicle was navy blue and had a distinctive red stripe. This witness has seen Mallory walk over to the car open the door and get in. The witness says that the vehicle remained there for a short period and was still there with Mallory in it when the witness left the area. The witnesses personally knew Mallory. We cannot say if Mallory got out of this vehicle or left the area in this vehicle.

There are indications that two similar vehicles had been down and around that area in recent weeks. One of them has been eliminated already from this enquiry which was driven by a male known as John and who was well known to the girls that worked the area. The other has yet to be identified but it is likely was picking girls up.

Attached to this release is a photograph of an XR6 Falcon that closely matches the description of the vehicle sighted. I can confirm that this person has not made contact with the investigation team. Again I confirm totally confidentiality if that particular person was to come forward.

We have commenced making contact with local known registered owners of XR6 and XR8 Falcons.

I would like to clarify one aspect of the Press Release that I issued on Wednesday 24 December that related to the Indian male in the White Car as some news agency incorrectly reported that he had been a client of Mellory. This is not the case. The Indian Gentleman had pulled to the side of the road and was engaging the services of another prostitute that was standing on the corner of Peterborough and Manchester Street at about the key time that we are looking at. I stress that he is not considered as a suspect at all and we simply want to talk to him about what eh may have seen.

We also not yet identified the dark blue of black 4 wheel drive with tinted windows and highly polished wheels which was also at the same corner at the same time and have only had very limited calls about this vehicle.

The memorial service will be held for Mellory at St Lukes at 3.30 pm, on Monday 29 December 2008. The Chaplain has requested that News Media remain outside and I will arrange for Robin Manning to speak with you after the service.


Detective Inspector