Tuesday, 16 April 2002 - 10:25am |
National News

"Tell us Kahu is safe" pleads baby’s aunt

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Kahurautete Durie’s family needs to know that the kidnapped eight month old girl is safe, says Marian Mare, one of the baby’s aunts.

"Please give us this reassurance. Little Kahu is special to all of us. We need to know she’s being cared for and that she will be returned safely to us.

"Someone out there must know who took Kahu or who is caring for the baby," she said. "Our family is going through hell. Please put an end to our pain and tell us baby is safe and that she will be returned to us."

Marian said she was making this special plea today at the request of Kahu’s parents – Lower Hutt lawyer Donna Hall and Justice Eddie Durie.

"I’m making this appeal as Donna’s oldest sister and as an aunt. Baby Kahu has a special place in the hearts of all our family. We all want her back"

Marian, a researcher at Waikato University, has travelled from Hamilton to help support Kahu’s parents.

"Donna and Eddie want me to tell you how very much they appreciate the support which has been flooding in to all our family and friends since this terrible event happened on Saturday.

"It’s hard to put into words the emotions we are all experiencing. The messages, calls, flowers and offers of support are fantastic. We’re grateful for what the police are doing to find Kahu and for the public willingness to find our little girl.

"The response from people wanting to help is wonderful. The best thing we all want to happen is to get our baby back.

"It’s hard to believe something so terrible has happened in New Zealand and to us. Even as I travelled down on the plane to Wellington other passengers were talking about it.

"I don’t know why Kahu was taken but I do know that someone out there can tell us where she is.

"Please, tell us she’s safe. Let us know where we can find her so she can be safely returned home."