Thursday, 18 April 2002 - 3:17pm |
National News

Baby Kahu: Focus on finding car

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Police are continuing to focus on finding the car used by baby Kahu’s abductor. It is one of the keys to reuniting her with her family.

Detective Inspector Stuart Wildon said it is likely that the vehicle has been abandoned somewhere, burnt out, pushed over a bank or disposed of in some other way. It could also be parked up in a building or garage or under cover in someone’s backyard.

"We urgently need to find this car and we repeat our appeal for anyone with information to call us on 0800 150 499.

Mr Wildon says the UL3802 registration plate was stolen three years ago from a Mitsubishi Galant owned by an Auckland man.

"We’ve already spoken to the plate’s original owner and we’re confident that this man has nothing to do with the abduction of baby Kahu."

On Saturday morning between 9am and 1pm a police caravan will be set up in St Albans Grove, Woburn, where Kahu was abducted. Staff want to speak with as many people as possible who regularly walk through or play sport in the area, particularly those who may have been in the area last Saturday and seen something suspicious.

Fliers showing images of cars similar to the one used by the offender are being printed and will be handed out on Saturday. They will also be mail dropped to homes early next week. However, posters are also being made up and will be displayed at various places around the area including bus stops, train stations and supermarkets etc. We hope this will start in the next day or two.