Tuesday, 17 February 2009 - 4:32pm |

Nine arrests after college student attacked

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Lower Hutt Police have arrested nine people for unlawful assembly after a student at Hutt Valley High School was set upon by the group who were not associated with the college.

Inspector Geoff Gwyn, Lower Hutt Police Response Manager, said a series of fights broke out on a sports field at the college shortly before 3pm. A group of three adults and six youths aged 14 - 17 years arrived at the college and confronted a student about a previous altercation involving a friend.

"The group had been told to leave the college grounds earlier this morning but returned this afternoon and sought out the student," Inspector Gwyn said. "Scuffles broke out after 30 or so students went to aid their schoolmate."

One female student received a cut to her head when a rock was thrown into the melee.

Inspector Gwyn said more than a dozen police officers responded to the college's call for help and swiftly quelled the disturbance, preventing further injuries.

The three adults and six youths have been arrested for unlawful assembly and will appear in court tomorrow.

"None of these people were involved with the school," Inspector Gwyn said. "This sort of violent behaviour is unacceptable and won't be tolerated by police or the college."