Tuesday, 9 June 2009 - 4:03pm |

Parents make stand against youth drivers

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Canterbury Police are commending parents who have chosen to sell a vehicle rather than allow it to be misused by their children and their friends.

An incident of very dangerous driving by a car with five or six occupants came to police attention in May. When the car registration details were followed up, the descriptions of those in the car did not fit the sons of the owner - and the sons would not own up as to who had been using the vehicle.

The owner was so angry that no one would own up to the driving or the drivers that he sold the vehicle at a giveaway cost rather than continue to allow the boys access to it. He stated that his sons' lives and others were more important than a car.

"He's done what few parents have done and taken away the avenue that could have led to disaster," says Constable Caron Fletcher. "He has been commended and thanked for his attitude."

Any parent contemplating this course of action can contact Constable Fletcher for advice.

The man also asked police to thank the person who made the complaint.

The incident occurred at Harrow Street through to Aldwins Road on to Linwood Avenue, Christchurch. The car was reported speeding around a corner, almost on two wheels and weaving all over the road. One passenger in the rear was seen to open his car door, while the car was still moving, and with his foot dragging on the road, hung half his body out. The occupants were all young males in their teens.

"These parents have shown that they really do care about their kids. They have done exactly the right thing," says Superintendent Dave Cliff. "It is rare for parents to be willing to make such a stand - and at a loss, and we congratulate them. If more parents were to stand up and be counted in this way we would have far fewer of our young being needlessly killed and injured in road crashes."


These parents do not wish to be identified for obvious reasons.