Wednesday, 1 July 2009 - 8:30am |

The Great Glenview cake robbery

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Hamilton Police are crediting the actions of a father and son as being instrumental in the arrest of two thieves who had outrun pursuing supermarket staff yesterday.

Sergeant Nicola Morrison said two 16-year-old boys had allegedly stolen a number of cakes from the Glenview New World Supermarket and were being chased by workers down Ohaupo Rd.

"A father and son driving past saw the chase, stopped their car and chased the thieves, tackling one about 20 meters down Tomlin Rd.

"The other offender managed to evade the by now out of puff shop staff however Police happened to be around the corner at another job and one of those officers, the local Melville Community Constable, recognised the offender and established the likely identity of the offender who got away."

Sergeant Morrison said the second youth is being interviewed by Police this morning, both will be referred to the Youth Aid Section for follow up action.

"At this stage we'd like to commend the actions of the father and son, the store staff who didn't give up and all the members of the public who made the effort to alert Police of the situation.

"We will be looking into the most appropriate way of recognising the pair for their actions," she said.