Sunday, 8 June 2003 - 5:01pm |
National News

Air crash inquiry

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Police have been keeping in close contact with the Christchurch Coroner and confirming legal aspects of name release and identity throughout the operation, says Inspector Derek ERASMUS.

&#34Inquiries are being carried out by a police team on his behalf into the cause of death and injuries received.&#34

&#34Post mortem results are expected in two - three weeks. Results will tell us whether the eight victims died immediately or if any of the injuries were survivable,&#34 he says.

&#34We do know from speaking to one of the survivors that the only communication at the scene, before help arrived, was between the two survivors,&#34 says Inspector ERASMUS. &#34Nothing was heard from the other occupants.&#34

Once post mortem results have been received, the Coroner is considering hearing evidence early in relation to the causes of death, prior to a full inquest.

Inspector ERASMUS says that after TAIC has removed the plane, police will then conduct a close search for any items remaining from the crash. They will then release the scene to the landowner. This is not expected to be today. There will be scene guards on again tonight.

The Serious crash unit has mapped the scene.

There will be a tapu lifting and blessing at the scene tomorrow.