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Digital Notebook – a new era for Police

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New Zealand Police is introducing Digital Notebook, a new intelligence, evidence and investigative tool. 

This new technology is an important step forwards for modern policing, supporting greater collaboration and efficiency across the organisation.  

“The traditional paper notebook has been an essential tool for Police Officers for many years. Adding this tool to our digital suite will allow Officers to do so much more and, over time, will replace the paper notebook,” says Jevon McSkimming, Deputy Commissioner Operational Services. 

Digital Notebook has two complimentary applications, for iPhone and desktop. 

The Digital Notebook iPhone app gives officers a new way to capture information and evidence, allowing them to record duties, interviews, observations, actions and decisions; and capture a timeline of times, dates, places, people, signatures and events. 

Digital Notebook Office for desktops allows approved users to search, view and export their own Digital Notebook entries, including for use in Court. 

As Digital Notebook is rolled out, the public will increasingly see officers using their phones to capture notes during interactions.

Digital Notebook was piloted with 65 staff across Central District earlier this year and will now launch in that District first, in September.

“From what I saw in the pilot, this could be a game-changer for Police,” says Central District Commander Superintendent Scott Fraser.

“It’s the start of something new and exciting and the rest of our District is looking forward to experiencing the benefits first-hand.” 

Digital Notebook is being implemented in stages across the country, between September 2023 and March 2024.


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