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Four weeks left to hand-in prohibited firearms

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Just notifying that you have prohibited firearms or parts is not meeting your legal obligations, say Police who urge firearms owners to hand in their items now.

“There are only 4 weeks left to hand-in prohibited firearms and parts under the Amnesty & Buy-back. Just notifying is not enough – you do need to hand-in your items to receive compensation,” says Deputy Commissioner Mike Clement.

“Don’t leave it to the last minute so you stand in queues for hours on 20 December. Or worse, forget about it entirely and end up committing an offence.

“I want to thank all of those firearms owners that have got in early and taken part so far. And please, tell your mates to get onto it too.

“For anyone that is still unsure if the firearm or part in their possession is prohibited, please check the Police website or contact us on 0800 311 311. It’s better to be sure and if you do need to get onto it at this late stage, we will guide you through the process and the available options,” says Mike Clement.

Firearm holders have had multiple opportunities to hand-in their prohibited items since the programme started on 20 June 2019. Nearly 40,000 firearms have been handed in.

Options available for owners of prohibited firearms and parts are:

• Attend one of 197 collection events across NZ up until 20 December and hand-in your firearms/parts as soon as possible

• There is one more week left to hand-in to an approved licensed dealer

• If you want to modify your firearm , get this in train now

• Apply for an endorsement licence if you are a pest controller or collector

• If you think you have a unique/rare item – apply now.

“I want to be clear that it’s not worth holding onto your prohibited firearm after 20 December 2019.

“If you are thinking laws may change, or you think that you are safe under the current ‘no questions asked’ amnesty, you are wrong. After 20 December 2019 it will be illegal to unlawfully possess and/or use a prohibited firearm or part.

“Make the most of this opportunity now to hand-in your prohibited item and receive fair compensation for it under the buy-back. No-one wants to miss out on hunting with their mates because they lose their licence over the possession of illegal firearms,” says Mike Clement.

For more information on collection events, modifications and other options, go to or call 0800 311 311. Notify Police of your firearms here


Editor’s notes: Collection events will be held this weekend, 23rd & 24th Nov, at:

• Trusts Arena, Henderson, Auckland – Sat and Sun, 9am-2pm

• Manurewa Rugby Club, Auckland – Sun, 10am-3pm

• Claudelands Event Centre, Hamilton – Sat and Sun, 10am-3pm

• Te Kaha RSA, Te Kaha (SH35, Bay of Plenty) – Sat, 9am-1pm

• Hawkes Bay Showgrounds, Hastings – Sat, 12-5pm

• Murchison Rec centre, Murchison – Sat, 11am-2pm

• Hope Hall, Hope (SH6, Tasman area) – Sun, 11am-5pm

• Cromwell Racecourse, Cromwell  - Sat, 10am-2pm

• Roxburgh Golf Club, Roxburgh – Sun, 9am-1pm

For further details on all collection event see