Thursday, 14 November 2019 - 8:25am |
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Keep thieves off the gift list this Christmas!

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We’re heading into the busiest time of year for postal deliveries and Police want to remind everyone to do what they can to stop parcel theft.

Coming into Christmas there are more parcels being delivered, and more chances for your presents to be stolen.

Thieves will take any opportunity to steal, and parcels left on front door steps or in apartment building common areas are an easy target.

Our advice is:

  • Get packages delivered to a place where someone will be home to receive them, or to a work address.
  • If you do have deliveries made to your home, make sure you're going to be home to sign for them, or have a secure location where they can be left.
  • Make sure your delivery instructions are clear, and ask for packages not to be placed at your front door, or on top of an apartment building post box.
  • If you're not going to be home when the parcel is delivered, arrange to collect your parcel from the depot, or have the parcel redirected to the address of someone you trust.
  • Be smart when disposing of packaging, so passers-by can’t see if you've been buying expensive items.
  • Report any suspicious behaviour to Police - e.g. if you see a car following a courier van, or an unexpected visitor knocks on your door asking for someone you don't know.

Make sure your gifts get given to your loved ones this Christmas and not thieves.


Issued by Police Media Centre