Tuesday, 8 October 2019 - 12:11pm |
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New prohibited firearm collection events announced: Police say get in now

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Over 100 new firearm collection events across the country have been added to the amnesty and buy-back programme, providing even more opportunities for firearm holders with prohibited items to hand them in.

“Police have already held 258 local collection events throughout New Zealand and firearm owners’ attitude towards this process has been outstanding," says Deputy Commissioner Mike Clement.

"We really look forward to that continuing in new locations around the country, such as Great Barrier Island and Cromwell, as well as other locations that we are revisiting due to demand."

Information on the new collection event locations and dates can be found on the Police website here.

“Don’t wait any longer to hand your firearms in. You’ve had plenty of time so make the most of these collection events and get to one now.

"The 20th of December is fast approaching and people will only be eligible for compensation if they surrender their firearms during the amnesty period.

"Post the 20th, people possessing prohibited firearms will be committing a crime, and may be prosecuted.

“I really encourage people to hand-in their firearms now before it’s too late,” says Mike Clement.

If you have any doubt whether your firearm is prohibited or not, please contact Police on 0800 311 311 or see the Police website.

Handing in prohibited firearms and parts at a Police-run collection event is just one way of participating in the amnesty and buy-back.

Other options include hand-ins at approved dealers, bulk pick-ups if you have more than 10 firearms and/or 50 parts, or handing in to a Police station.

There are 41 approved licensed dealers around the country that can accept prohibited firearms and parts on behalf of Police until mid-November.

Information on opening hours and how to book is available on dealer’s websites.

Also note that some firearms with non-detachable tubular magazines can be modified and a list of Police-approved gunsmiths and what you need to know, is on Police’s website.

If firearm owners have a prohibited item that is rare, unique and/or has been modified in a way that the value of the item is significant, then they can apply for compensation under Unique Prohibited.

Once again people can find more information about this on our website, including a list of Police-approved valuers. 

It is important to complete the online notification form on Police’s website first, indicating your hand-in preference.

For those who want to attend a collection event, please make sure you bring the following with you:

  • Your firearms licence (if applicable)
  • Photo identification (drivers licence or passport)
  • Your bank account number
  • Your online notification number
  • All your prohibited parts, cleared of all ammunition
  • Any other non-prohibited firearm/s or parts you wish to hand-in for amnesty.

Further collection event locations will be announced in early November.

For more information visit www.police.govt.nz or call 0800311311.