Wednesday, 7 April 2021 - 10:09am |

Police acknowledges IPCA findings

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Police acknowledges the Independent Police Conduct Authority’s (IPCA) findings in relation to an incident in Hastings in January 2020 which found the use of force against a man was unjustified.

Police operates a risk-assessment model known as TENR (threat, exposure, necessity, response), where officers gather all known information and from that determine what tactics and tactical options are required to resolve any incident.

Police agrees with the IPCA’s finding that the allegation of choking was unable to be substantiated.

“However, we do acknowledge that the offender was restrained with an arm around his neck, which is no longer an approved tactical option,” says Eastern District Commander Superintendent Jeanette Park.

Police will identify any lessons to be learned, and whether there are any training opportunities for staff involved.


Issued by Police Media Centre