Sunday, 20 March 2016 - 4:39pm |
Auckland City

Police appeal for cellphone footage of fights in central Auckland overnight

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Police investigating a series of fights in central Auckland are appealing to anyone who may have filmed the brawls to pass the footage to the enquiry team.

A team of Detectives have spent much of the day investigating the circumstances that left two men in hospital in a serious condition.

Police were called to multiple reports of disorder, with fighting outside the Ferry terminal in Quay Street, the McDonalds Britomart in Queen Street and the intersection of Quay and Queen Streets. It has also been established now that a large brawl occurred over many minutes in Fort St.

Two men, aged 18 and 24 years old remain in hospital this evening in a moderate condition as a result.

“Footage that has been posted on social media paints a very poor picture of what took place last night. Yet again, alcohol is right in the middle of this” says Inspector Ross Barnaby, Auckland City Police.

“The alcohol-fuelled bravado depicted in the footage we have seen is utterly appalling. We have two men in hospital and anyone who sees that video will probably agree that we are lucky there are not more people seriously injured” he says.

The investigation into those reponsible for the fighting is ongoing. CCTV footage as well as mobile phone footage will be used to build a picture of those involved and those reponsible. Police are not able to discuss the investigation any further at this stage.

“What we can say though is that we will look to identify where and when these people have been drinking, and that includes licensed premises. Any licensed premises who have been serving intoxicated patrons could be prosecuted” he says.

Anyone who has footage of last night’s events is asked to contact the Auckland City Police on 09 302 6557 or private message the videos to the Auckland Police Facebook page.


Beth Bates/NZ Police

Media: Inspector Ross Barnaby is available for one on one interviews from 5.45pm until 7pm tonight.