Friday, 18 June 2021 - 8:58am |

Police investigate drug-related robberies

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Wellington District Police have noticed an increase in the number of aggravated robberies occurring after drug deals organised through social media.
Both sellers and buyers of various substances are being victimised in these cases.
Police want to reiterate that both the sale and purchase of prohibited substances are illegal in New Zealand.
However, we want everyone in our community to be safe and feel safe.  
“Just because someone has committed a crime, it doesn’t mean Police won’t investigate when a crime, like assault and robbery has happened to them in turn,” says Detective Senior Sergeant Haley Ryan.
“The theft of a prohibited substance is still theft and that accompanied by persons being assaulted or threatened are serious matters.
“Police will investigate any reports that someone has been victimised as such.”
Detective Senior Sergeant Ryan says that Wellington District Police have noticed the use of Discord and other similar social media apps are a common theme featuring in a number of their complaints.
“There have been at least 10 instances in the past six months where theft or assault has occurred after drug deals arranged through social media apps.”
Police advise people to take extreme caution in arranging to meet people they don’t know and also at locations they are not familiar with.    
Issued by Police Media Centre.